Jesus of Nazareth Priory

The church of Jesus of Nazareth was built by Marchese Erolao Zimmermann Bararo di San Giorgio and it was dedicated in 1895. In the year of 1909, a house was started in Sliema, dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth. In 1960, the house was canonically erected as a priory. In 1973, a new parish was erected in Sliema and entrusted to the Dominican Fathers of the Church of Jesus of Nazareth. Both the priory and the church suffered vast amounts of damage, especially during the Second World War. In fact, most of both the priory and the church have been rebuilt, to give it its present appearance,


Brethren living in the Priory

Fr. Joseph Cilia Prior (3.11.1998), Parish Priest, Member of Provincial Council of formation, Religious counsellor in StateHigher Secondary School.

Fr. Patrick Aristides Cachia, S.Th. L.

Fr. Lino Michael Angelo Frendo

Fr. Marius Saviour Zerafa, S.Th.L. & Lic., Dr. Sc. Soc., B.A. Hons (Lond.), A.R.Hist.S. Librarian, chairperson of the Archdiocesan Commission for Sacred Art; Lecturer in history and appreciation of art at the University, Italian Institute and Alliance Franšaise, Russian Institute and Institute of Tourism; Council Member of Art and Archeology Foundation; Chaplain Third Age University.

Fr. Gabriel Joseph Ciantar Sacristan.

Fr. Angelicus Joseph Vella, S.Th.L. Eccl. Assist. Gen. for Social Assistance of the Catholic Action Movement.

Fr. Saviour Vincent Galea Sub prior, Councillor, Organist, Dir. Jesus of Nazareth Choir, Administrator of Mro. V. Bugeja patrimonial music.

Fr. Dominic Vincent Scerri, B.A. (Hons.) Councillor (30.10.1995), Bursar (26.01.96), Archbishop's Delegate for Church Schools; Delegate of the Episcopal Conference for Church Schools in relations with Government..

Fr. Daniel Joseph Bonello, B.A.(Hons.) Secretary of Conventual Chapter, Chaplain to the Dominican Sisters in Naxxar, dir. Dominican Laity - Naxxar.

Bro. Anthony Mifsud

Fr. Carmel Tabone, S.Th.L. & Lic., Sc.Soc.D. Councillor (28.10.1996), Provincial promoter for on-going formation and youth, Member of Commission of Intellectual Life; Moderator of Young Diocesan Priests; Member of the Commission for Young Diocesan Priests; lecturer in sociology at the University of Malta, Board Member of the National Foundation for Social Welfare Services; Member of the National Commission for the Advancement of Women in Society; Consultant on Family Affairs to the Minister for Social Policy; Member of the Editorial Board of Pastor, Producer and Presenter of TV Religious Programme Kurrenti. e-mail address: